Size Really Does Matter with Mobile Websites

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Size Really Does Matter!

When building a website you need to account for how your website will be viewed on mobile devices across a wide spectrum of screen sizes from Ipad & tablets to the smallest Walmart cheapie Android phone.

Your website will need to be mean and lean and at the same time you need to consider mobile speed connections.  Keeping the file size of your website to under 1.5 MB is crucial for a good mobile download experience.  Consider that many factors need to be accounted for like whether or not the user is running on slow network speeds.

Big is Beautiful!

When displaying photos on mobile devices you really want to display big beautiful photography of your products and services when designing your mobile ready website.

The Photos should span across the entire width of the screen.  Remember to keep the file size of the photo as low as possible.  I like to keep each file size to around 120 KB or less.  You can normally get away with displaying up to eight photos on the front home page.

Speed is Key.

Many mobile users are looking up your website to find relevant information quickly.  Adding a lot of fluff to your website cheapens the user experience.  Consider that a mobile user just needs to look up directions to your store, find your phone number, browse a menu or look at your best selling products.  We need to deliver this relevant information in 15 seconds or less.

Can You Satisfy Google?

It is important to have a flexible layout using twitter bootstrap as a base for creating mobile friendly websites.  Google is now ranking websites not only on content but on whether or not your website is providing a good user experience on mobile devices.  Test your website's Performance on Google here.




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