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So what good is a website if customers cannot find your website online?  Unfortunately it has become difficult for small local business to compete for search listings.  A lot of the time, big box stores or large national service companies hog-up the front page of search results.

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How do we help your business gain online exposure?

Online Search engines take into account many different factors.  The good news is that search engines like Google are starting to re-engineer their search engines to favor the local small business guys.

Your Company and Small Business Search Engine Results

  • Specially designed apps within your site are used to help define keyword searches and help with search engine crawlers scanning your site.
  • Customized keyword search terms within your website's titles, paragraphs, photos, headings, videos.
  • We create individual online accounts and list your business site & information accurately on Google, Microsoft's Bing & Yahoo local business page listings. We also list your business on other industry specific websites sites.
  • We create Google & Bing webmaster accounts registered to your site and submit your business information directly to Google and Bing search engines.
  • To further create a SEO optimized website, we suggest that you incorporate your site with our social media integration service to share your business articles, photos and videos with all of your fans. Company SEO Profile

Going from Zero website visits to 4,600+ page views in 9 months!

seo profile for

All data has been taken from Google Analytics analysis of  Search engines like google just love fresh content.   See the spike in visitors to the website in the first two months.  Traffic then levels off because there isn't any new blog articles being created.  Overall there is still positive traffic to the website.  Creating additional articles, content photos and videos will increase the company's sales leads. Organic (FREE non-payed listing) Google Search Results

Averaging 85 new visitors per month clicking on local google search engine results.  Paper Fish gets new customers!

Organic Google Search Results for

We targeted local markets in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and Naples.

This is a graphic that shows all of the local website visitors' locations.  The larger the circles and darker color represents higher website traffic.

Paper Fish is a local printing company that specializes in custom printing techniques unique to the area.

Local Business online search results

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